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We are developing a very cool, digital active-balancing battery management system (BMS). We successfully prototyped and field tested the following versions:

  • 12v 100Ah model

The following prototype versions are in development:

  • 24v 40Ah model
  • 24v 60Ah model

We are scheduled to build prototypes for the 24v 100Ah and 24v 200Ah models next.

Our other project is engineering cool batteries to pair with our BMS. Our plans are drawn around commercial production in standard sizes:

  • 20 Ah
  • 40 Ah
  • 60 Ah
  • 80 Ah
  • 100 Ah
  • 200 Ah
  • 400 Ah

To answer your questions:

  1. Yes, we have a solid plan to manufacture these ourselves
  2. Yes, these will be produced domestically
  3. Yes, we are crazy busy
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